Welcome to the IT Support Intranet Pages

Please see articles below for important information regarding school IT equipment.

Password Security

Passwords are critical to the security of your data. Please read the school password advice document by following the link above.

Long Passphrases are the best type of password.

Always use strong passwords, never share them with others or write them down and change them regularly.


Computer Updates & Antivirus

  • Reboot your computer every day to pick up the latest updates. Be prepared to allow several minutes for software updates to install.
  • Allow updates to install when prompted at shut down.
  • Expect requests to install Windows updates the first time you connect to the network after the second Tuesday of every month.
  • Computers that are left on standby or left logged in will not be able to complete the update process. Unpatched computers constitute a security risk.

For more help on this topic follow this link. Updates & Antivirus.

Requesting IT Support

IT Support can be requested using the IT Support help desk, phoning on ext. 280, emailing ITSupport@chapelhigh.org.uk, or visiting the IT Support Office in person. If you are using the help desk for the first time you may need to enter your name, email and department details. Subsequent use will not require details to be entered again.

Before requesting support please check the FAQ/IT Problems page for answers to common IT questions.

This area contains frequently asked questions answered by the IT Support office.